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2021-07-25 04:26 pm

friends only: comment to be added

Linus: I'll see you, when I see you.

Danny: Alright, well... I'll see you when I see you.
Rusty: Hey, next time? Try keeping the weight off in between.
Danny: Hey. Settle down. Have a couple of kids.
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2010-11-23 10:18 am
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Christmas Cards!

It's that time of year!

And I wanted to get the addresses and names of anyone who would like a Christmas card from me!

Reply here and it'll be screened!
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2007-04-17 10:04 pm

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my generation.
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2004-05-10 08:41 pm

can't help but love you

post something... anything you want. but do it annoymously
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2004-04-18 09:41 pm

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Leave me an ANONYMOUS comment with;
-An insult
-A secret
-A criticism
-A crush
-A compliment
-A death threat
-A love note
-A song
-A picture
-Anything else you want